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Anniversi-Tea Days 1 & 2


So to begin, it was our 2nd anniversary and we wanted to do something awesome. Naturally we equated awesome with tea.

Day 1:

(Note: these two days don’t have much to do with tea… read day 3 for the tea adventures!)

We scrambled out of town and drove towards Los Angeles like moths to the proverbial flame. Los Angeles isn’t necessarily the best place to be during the zombie-apocalypse (or any other time for that matter), but we were going to drop off some pals and hit up the TIM BURTON!!!! exhibit at the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). This day was our traveling day so we got into LA with enough time to eat some food at Little Tokyo, grab some fro-yo, have a chat with some friends and sleep.
The only tea we had was from Suehiro in Little Tokyo. I had a huge need to have some udon noodles the last time we were in in Little Tokyo and we came across Suehiro. It was delicious!!! The noodles were noodle-y, the “udon soup” I had was enough to feed a horse (I ate it all), it wasn’t crowded and all the napkin art was entertaining. On this trip hubby asked what types of hot tea they had. Our server responded with “Green, Oolong and Black”. We’ve started drinking more oolongs recently, so we decided to try their oolong tea. When our server returned with our drinks, hubby’s tea came in a yellow and brown can that had been chilling in a fridge for weeks. Mmmmm, delicious….not. Aside from the chilled oolong the food was still good and it was nice to have udon noodles again.


Day 2:

Today was reserved for the Tim Burton exhibit and traveling to the Bay area. We were concerned that we would have to wait for hours and battle with the crowds to see the exhibit, but luckily that wasn’t the case. As soon as we got to the LACMA we grabbed our tickets and went straight inside.
The doorway to the exhibit was awe-inspiring, like a comical demented circus clown that only Tim Burton could inspire. It was nice to wander through to see Tim Burton’s art work progress to the genius that he is now. There were actual movie props (Edward Scissorhands’ outfit, his glove, The Nightmare Before Christmas characters behind glass) as well as Tim Burton’s personal notes on character development.
However it wasn’t as inspiring as we were imagining. Overall the sparkly giddiness that bubbled up at the beginning of the gallery was rinsed away and left a feeling that we should have been inspired, there was a sense of incompleteness. I felt like I was making vague assumptions as to how his art evolved into what he is known for now. Am I to assume that the characters that he developed when he was younger dramatically evolved after his time in college? Did Vincent Price have such a profound impact on his work that all his characters took on Vincent Price-like qualities? I’d like to know if there was a moment of inspiration that Tim Burton was hit with. Maybe I’m building up Tim Burton’s genius, maybe it just naturally happened while he was in college. His pre-college dark characters progressed with the help of college tuition and people whom decided to major in the same degree program. Forgive me if I’m starting to sound like a re-creation of the Corpse Bride, but the romantic in me really wanted the progression of Tim Burton’s works to be darkly colorful like the land of the dead, not somber, grey and “white bread” like the land of the living.
What I’m saying is I would like to have had more flash and a little more organization. The flow of the gallery was so congested at the beginning and it was a little difficult to determine the progression of his art (thank goodness for the dates). It was so amazing to see the evident inspiration that Vincent Price had on his art (Vincent). It was also nice to see that however much I think Tim Burton is a genius, his earlier works were most definitely not Academy Award winners (Cavemen, Hansel & Gretel after school special, etc). The sparkly giddiness from the entrance returned once I walked into the blacklight room that contained Oogie Boogie and the subsequent rooms that held the treasure troves of movie props. I would’ve like to see some stuff from Alice in Wonderland, even storyboards would’ve been great, but it was not meant to be. It’s okay, because we got to see Sweeney Todd’s “special friends”, the cape of The Headless Horseman, Corpse Bride figures and storyboards of his upcoming film “Frankenweenie”.
When we were shot out the back into the gift shop we were hoping to find a print of one of the photos that we saw (heads of A Nightmare Before Christmas‘ Sally), but they only had a few prints available. We did find a print from a scene of “Vincent”, which we did grab, looking at the time we realized that we had been in the gallery for 2+ hours.
On that note we left LA and drove towards the Bay area with hopes of delicious tea and wonderful adventures.





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