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Blue People Ginseng Oolong: Vital Tea Leaf

8 Overall Score
Taste: 8/10
Aroma: 8/10

Sweet tasting/feeling, definitely a boost of energy

Not an everyday tea, maybe too sweet and overbearing for some

Blue People Ginseng Oolong in package

Blue People Ginseng Oolong
Vital Tea Leaf
Steep: 10-30 sec @180
$30.00 for 4oz.

This is a high mountain green tea from Taiwan blend with ginseng powder. It carries a very strong sweet after taste, very aromatic and mellow. Good for energy, wakeup, focus, concentration. Fermented green coated with high quality ginseng powder considered one of our best selling and tasting natural energy drinks. -Vital Tea Leaf

The way we were told to drink this tea was to slurp the tea into your mouth, bringing in air. Swish the tea all the way around your mouth and swallow. Now all the juices that are at the back of your mouth bring them to the front and swallow. Now breath in. Did you get all that?

Partially opened leaves of Blue People Ginseng Oolong

It sounds like such a process, but once you’ve tasted this tea and experienced the feeling you know its worth it. We really enjoy this tea. Klee had acquired some on a trip to San Francisco a few years ago and its been one of our favorites since. While we were visiting San Fran on our most recent trip we had some during our tea tasting. We also learned from Herman, the tea guy, that this tea is good for energy and to help lower blood pressure.
Initially when you first smell this tea (after rinsing it) there is a very strong, woody-forest-mulch smell, not as earthy as pu-erh, and perhaps akin to roasted chilies. When you taste it you get a very subtle oolong taste, not too dry, but a little velvety. After you go through the swish, swallow, swish, swallow method the sweet and slightly fruity taste seems to take over your mouth and lingers for a long time. Its a very pleasant kind of sweet, the kind of sweet you can feel and it makes you want to drink more and we do. After the second steeping the ginseng taste was very strong and the sweet still lingered.

Amber liquid of Blue People Ginseng Oolong

A very pleasant tea if you want to experience something new. We don’t drink this tea everyday, because it is strong and it feels like it should be reserved for somewhat special occasions. We usually recommend this to those who are new to tea because it is so unique.


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