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Pu-er Cha Wang – Phoenix Collection

7 Overall Score
Taste: 7/10
Appearance: 8/10
Value: 6/10

Sharper earthy taste of younger fully cooked Pu-er.

Pricey at $40 1/4 lb, but still cheaper than the higher grade ($80)


By Klee

Steeped at 180˚ F for 1 minute, then 30 seconds subsequently (like most Pu-er, great for steeping up to 5-6 times).

Unlike some Pu-ers, “Cha Wang” has a full flavor that is right up front from the first steeping. Bold and intense come to mind with a sharper earthy taste of younger fully cooked Pu-er. This tea also has beautiful golden tea buds. I could definitely drink this on a daily basis.
This is a hard tea for me to rate. I actually want to give it one more star, but when I taste it next to another like the “Large Leaf from Old Trees”, the difference really shows.
The 2nd steeping at about 30 seconds really brought out the full earthy intensity of this tea. It reminds me why I love Pu-er so much.
Additionally, this tea, as with most Pu-ers, is very easy to steep, you can let it set for a very long time depending on how strong you like the taste.


Additional notes: We purchased this tea directly from David Hoffman. We initially tasted the higher grade which was double the price of this one (!). We asked for the cheaper grade and he responded that it wasn’t that good. Then he decided that we should taste it before we purchase it. So we had some and it was very pleasant. The higher grade definitely was far above this one, but for half the price the cheaper grade was the best option for us.






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