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Review: Monkey Pick Oolong – Vital Tea Leaf

6.5 Overall Score
Taste: 7/10
Aroma: 7/10

Sweet and complex fruity taste, a very robust Oolong.

Compared to other more affordable Oolongs, the taste doesn't quite stand up to the price.

Steep: 20-40 sec @ 180
From the Vital Tea Leaf
$40 for 4 oz

This is one of the first Oolongs I ever really enjoyed. I initially was introduced to Vital Tea Leaf’s Monkey Pick Oolong 2 years ago at one of their Chinatown¬†locations. I had previously tasted quite a few Oolongs but this one stood out with its pleasant fruity & “melony” taste and aroma. This is one of the most consistent Oolongs I have had as well, it steeps easily and doesn’t become tannic too quickly, it also stays very flavorful through multiple steeps.
This tea would have received a higher rating but when compared to other less expensive Oolongs, it is not extraordinary.
– Klee

High quality strong aromatic floral green tea from High Mountains. Mellow and smooth in flavor. Great for the metabolism and cleansing. For strong high level green tea drinkers.

– From the Vital Tea Leaf site

NOTE: “Monkey Pick” or “Monkey Picked” refers to stories of Buddhist monks that would train monkeys to climb to the top of the Tea plants and plants that grew in hard to reach areas for the highest quality leaves and buds. Today “Monkey Picked” refers to the highest quality tea.


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