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Ten Ren (Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York)

2 Overall Score
Tea: 3/10
Atmosphere: 3/10
Staff: 1/10

Not too much to say here.

Scalding teas, unfriendly staff, & overpriced

727 N Broadway, Ste 136
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Neighborhood: Chinatown
(213) 626-8844  www.tenren.com

We initially were searching for Ten Ren in Los Angeles in 2010, as it came highly recommended, but found Wing Hop Fung (review) instead.
On a later trip to LA we finally located Ten Ren in the same shopping center as Wing Hop Fung, it was pretty easy to miss as it was tucked through the shopping center around a corner that was not very visible.
We were initially enticed by the wonderful yixing teapots displayed in their windows. We waited at the counter for assistance but the person working paid no attention. We walked around the store and checked out the tea bar area.
It’s always an odd sign to see paper and plastic cups for tea. Usually a sign that a place isn’t about the “moment.”

After browsing through prepackaged teas and picking up to examine tea pots we finally got the attention of one of the workers.

We were able to smell some of their teas and ultimately purchased some Oolongs. The teas weren’t too remarkable so we wont post reviews here.

We asked to sample some teas but were denied, the person behind the counter indicated that we could purchase tea to taste at their tea bar. They also seemed to focus more on Boba and flavored drinks than tea. At this point I really cant remember what I had but I do recall my mouth being scalded due to the exceptionally high water temp.

Since this experience we have visited Ten Ren in New York, NY and San Francisco, CA.

Consistently, the staff at every Ten Ren has been un-friendly and un-helpful.  When we have been samples of tea, they have been too tannic, scalding and served in paper cups.
We also note that their selections are really overpriced. If you are looking for a quality tea experience we do not recommend visiting any of their stores.

Please share your experiences with Ten Ren here.
If you have a tea you would recommend from Ten Ren that may change our minds, please share!




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