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Tieguanyin Comparison and Review: Phoenix Collection vs. Vital Tea Leaf

8 Overall Score
Taste: 8/10
Aroma: 8/10

The Phoenix Collection Competition Monkey Pick $45.00 for 4oz.

Vital Tea Leaf Cloudy Mist $200.00 for 4oz., you do the math.

Vital Tea Leaf Cloudy Mist

Tieguanyin, sometimes spelled Ti Kuan Yin or Ti Kwan Yin translates to “Iron Goddess of Mercy.”

Tieguanyin Comparison:
Steeping: 30 sec @ 180 degrees

Cloudy Mist
Vital Tea Leaf
$200.00 for 4oz.

Very refreshing aroma. The tea grows at very high elevation mountain from Fu Jian Province, China. -Vital Tea Leaf

Competition Monkey Picked
The Phoenix Collection
$45.00 for 4oz.
From China, Fujian Province, Anxi County.

The smell of the Competition Monkey Picked from the Phoenix Collection was intoxicatingly inviting. A sweetness apparently captured the day the young, healthy leaves were harvested.
The Vital Leaf’s Cloudy Mist’s dry leaves were pleasant to smell, but definitely did not carry the fresh appeal of the Monkey Picked.

These were two VERY, very similar tasting Tieguanyins.
As Tieguanyin’s, they were more floral and lighter in overall taste than standard oolongs.

On the first steeping Cloudy Mist had a subtle minty taste, whereas the Competition Monkey Pick was exquisitely floral and more prominent. On the 2nd steeping, the two teas were pretty evenly matched. The only difference after the first steeping was that Cloudy Mist was more smooth, wet and had the freshness of newly cut flowers. Competition Monkey Pick was a little more dry, however these differences were incredibly subtle.
On the 3rd steeping both teas maintained their consistency.

Ultimately these are both exquisite Tieguanyins so they are difficult to compare, except that The Vital Tea Leaf’s Tieguanyin was way overpriced in contrast to the Phoenix Collection’s.
While we have had limited experience with Tieguanyins of this quality these will surely set the bar for reviews to come.





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